All Characters In Beach Buggy Racing With Abilities/Powers

Beach Buggy Racing is a thrilling and fast-paced racing game with a diverse range of characters/drivers; each comes with unique abilities to give players an edge on the track. Here is a comprehensive look at all characters in Beach Buggy Racing with abilities that help you choose the perfect character to dominate in the game.

All Characters In Beach Buggy Racing With Abilities

Let’s dive all characters in Beach Buggy Racing with powers in this guide below:


Rez is the first and most popular character in BB Racing due to his unique ability to Burning Rubber. This ability allows Rez to gain a significant burst of speed to overtake opponents.

Characters In Beach Buggy Racing

Ability: Burning Rubber

Burning Rubber enables Rez’s vehicle to leave scorching flames behind, propelling him forward at an exhilarating pace. This ability is useful, especially for overtaking the opponents, breaking away from the pack, or maintaining a significant lead.

Beach Bro

Beach Bro comes with a unique twist in the racing competition. This ability allows him to release many bouncing balls on the track to overthrow the opponents out to track.

Characters In Beach Buggy Racing With Abilities

Ability: Ball Blaster

When Ball Blaster is activated, Beach Bro’s vehicle releases several oversized balls on the track; any opponent trailing behind collides with these balls, sent into the air and causing him to be knocked out of the track’s boundaries.


Leilani’s ability adds an extra layer of elegance to the racing track. She accelerates forward while leaving beautiful flowers on the track. While these flowers may appear harmless, they can slow down the opponent who dares to follow Leilani’s footsteps.

Characters In Beach Buggy Racing With Powers

Ability: Flower Power

Leilani’s Flower Power ability is similar to Rez’s Burning Rubber in terms of speed boost. Instead of flames, Leilani’s vehicle releases beautiful flowers on the track to boost speed, while opponents may slow down if they follow her footsteps.


Bzorp is the second most popular character in Beach Buggy Racing after Rez. This character also has a unique ability to dominate on the racing track.

Bzorp In Beach Buggy Racing

Ability: Telezorp

When Telezorp is activated, Bzorp locks the target ahead of him and instantly teleports his vehicle to their location, swapping positions with them. This ability is really useful for quickly overtaking opponents.

Roxie Roller

Roxie Roller is a tough and gritty competitor on the race track, and don’t underestimate her powers. Her ability makes her a fearless racer on the track.

Roxie Roller In Beach Buggy Racing

Ability: Derby Dash

When Derby Dash is activated, She can crack her knuckles, put her head down, and viciously smack into other drivers, sending them careening towards the rails or off the track altogether. This ability is perfect for clearing a path through a crowded field of competitors or for exacting revenge on rivals causing trouble.

Oog Oog

Oog Oog is one of the underrated characters one of my favorite one in this guide of All Characters In Beach Buggy Racing With Abilities. He uses his mystical powers to off-track his opponents to give him a distinct advantage.

Oog Oog Driver In Beach Buggy Racing

Ability: Tiki Curse

When Oog Oog activates the Tiki Curse, he summons the mystical powers of the Tiki gods to damage his opponents. This ability can cause various destructive effects, temporarily dislocating or confusing other opponents, making their vehicle harder to control.

El Zipo

He is a quick and powerful racer with powerful moves to retract his opponents. This unexpected strength can catch opponents off guard, allowing El Zipo to gain the upper hand in any race.

All Drivers In Beach Buggy Racing With Powers

Ability: Off The Ropes

El Zipo’s ability Off The Ropes unleashes a series of high-power wrestling moves that can leave even the toughest racer seeing stars. Rumours suggest that he can flip the entire car with his powerful moves.

Disco Jimmy

Disco Jimmy brings the party to BB Racing with his ability Dance Fever. While initially effective, his ability can be neutralized by a skilful driver.

All Drivers In Beach Buggy Racing With Abilities

Ability: Dance Fever

When Dance Fever is activated, Disco Jimmy’s vehicle emits a pulsating disco beat that causes opponents ahead of him to start dancing erratically in their seats, causing them to lose control of their cars temporarily.

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Beach Buggy Racing offers a diverse range of characters, each bringing their unique abilities to the table, providing players with a wide range of strategic options to explore. We covered almost all characters in Beach Buggy Racing with abilities; now it’s up to you to choose which one you choose for your next race. So buckle up, select your character wisely, and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure filled with surprises at every turn.

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