Easter Eggs In Beach Buggy Racing or Egg Hunter Achievements

Beach Buggy Racing is a widely popular game that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. Some hidden gems are known as Easter eggs within its vibrant and dynamic landscapes. These Easter eggs add an extra layer of excitement and challenge, rewarding players to explore every corner of the diverse game’s maps.

There are 15 maps in total, and each one has Easter eggs in Beach Buggy Racing, you have to find and hit only 10 eggs to and hit them to earn the trophy. Get ready to unlock trophies, uncover hidden areas, and experience the game like never before.

Exploring Easter Eggs In Beach Buggy Racing

We’re exploring egg hunter achievements or Easter eggs in Beach Buggy Racing below:

Easter Egg In Shark Harbor

Easter Eggs In Beach Buggy Racing

As you approach the end of Shark Habor’s track, players can find an Easter egg perched atop a building just behind the ramp’s landing. You have to take a shortcut down the alleyway on the right-hand side to achieve this hidden gem, which is ready to be claimed.

Fiesta Village Easter Egg

Near the start of the race in Fiesta Village, some jetties are on the right side of the road. Navigate carefully to the jetty with the largest boat moored and find the egg awaiting it. It is a festive surprise on this map.

Crab Cove

Shortly after the race begins, you’ll pass through a rocky archway. Immediately after the archway, take a sharp left and slow down. The easter egg is nestled in a nearby beach area.

Dino Jungle Easter Egg

Egg Hunter Achievements In Beach Buggy Racing

Halfway around the track, you’ll find a cave with a waterfall. Turn your car right and take the green ramp to reach the hidden tunnel at the top. As you exit the tunnel, look to the left of the waterfalls to hit the Easter egg.

Easter Egg In Tiki Temple

At the halfway point of the track, you’ll enter a giant hall filled with lava. Slow down as you enter and look to the left for an altar with the Easter egg perched atop it. To hit the egg, you’ll hit the ramp that typically leads to a shortcut, timing your jump perfectly to land an altar. It may take several attempts to master.

Easter Egg In Mushroom Grotto

As you navigate through the Mushroom Grotto, look for the second set of power-ups. The Easter egg lies behind the cluster of large mushrooms; just hit the egg to get the trophy.

Paradise Beach

After passing the cave section, the racer will encounter two wooden roads. As you start the second section, look for a small hut on your right side. Easter egg is located below and to the right side of this hut, requiring you to veer off the track to claim it.

Glacier Gulch Easter Egg

Glacier Gulch Easter Egg

Just before the second jump, change the direction of your car to the left. You’ll find an Easter egg floating on the glacier. You may need to make multiple attempts before hitting the egg to avoid triggering the out-bounds message.

Easter Egg In Misty Marsh

Navigate through the Misty Marsh until you reach the stone ramp. Smash through the boats on the left side to discover the egg waiting ahead. It’s a daring move that promises a rewarding outcome.

Red Planet Easter Egg

Enter the low gravity area and turn to the left-hand side. Where the egg awaits halfway up the wall, it is up to you to go for a daring jump or utilize the wall as a half pipe. Eggs will add an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.


In this guide, we’ve covered 10 maps where you can quickly find Easter eggs in Beach buggy Racing. We all know that discovering the Easter eggs is a challenging yet rewarding part of the game. These hidden den gems test your driving skills and unlock special achievements and trophies, adding extra satisfaction to your game. To Maximize your chances of success, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with each track’s layout and hiding spots. Additionally, adjusting the speed and timing of your jumps can be crucial for reaching sure eggs.

Remember, some Easter eggs may take several attempts before you successfully claim them. So, rev up your engines, sharpen your senses, and get ready to discover hidden gems that await you in Beach Buggy Racing.

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